Machine Learning in Credit Risk-Pra [...]

Presenter: Brian Bloechle, Principal Consultant Predictive Technology, FICO When: September 29 2015 Traditional methods of constructing effective and robust credit risk models are both labour intensive and time consuming, requiring deep expertise to perform tasks such as creating and evaluating predictors, treating [...]

CSRSA Members Appreciation Evening

Please join us at our new year social event! The CSRSA continues to be a successful organization thanks to the strong member community. To thank our members for their continued support, the association is hosting a social event. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be provided. And we invite each existing member [...]

Risk Policy and Regulation Diploma [...]

The CSRSA is devoted to the advancement of consumer and small business lending with a special emphasis on credit risk management. Our general and conference sessions provide a lot of relevant information on specific topics within the risk management world and give an opportunity for informal learning through networking. [...]