CSRSA Member Appreciation Evening

Please join us at our new year social event! The CSRSA continues to be a successful organization thanks to the strong member community. To thank our members for their continued support, the association is hosting a social event. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be provided. And we invite each existing member [...]

CSRSA General Meeting: SMALL BUSINE [...]

SMALL BUSINESS CREDIT: Improving Credit Decision Practices Using Retro/Swap Set Analyses Presenter: Patrick Moore, Credit Strategy Consultant, PayNet When: September 30 2014 Credit decision practices for small business lending are undergoing a transformation from manual credit decisions to automation. We [...]

Risk Policy and Regulation Diploma [...]

The CSRSA is devoted to the advancement of consumer and small business lending with a special emphasis on credit risk management. Our general and conference sessions provide a lot of relevant information on specific topics within the risk management world and give an opportunity for informal learning through networking. [...]
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