CSRSA Live Webinar - Canadian Mortgage Insurer Market Overview | The CRO Perspective

Moderated Panel

Paul Akey, Wealthone Chief Risk Officer (Moderator)

Nadine Leblanc, CMHC Chief Risk Officer (Panelist)

Craig Sweeney, Genworth Chief Risk Officer (Panelist)

Curtis Gergley-Garner, Canada Guaranty Chief Risk Officer (Panelist)


  1. Market Overview and General Uncertainty
  • What is happening in the market today
  • Outlook for the second half of 2020
  1. Forecasting Losses and Preparing for the End of Deferral Payments
  • Explanation of how mortgage insurers are working together given the current situation (e.g. deferral payments etc.)
  • Behaviour of deferral mortgages
  • Outlook for the next 12 months
  1. Changing Canadian Mortgage Insurance Market
  • Predictions on how regulatory changes impact overall mortgage insurance market (e.g. first-time home buyers)
  • What is the impact to Mortgage Insurance market share

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