Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Susan Duffy

The President is responsible for presiding over Board Meetings, General/Special Sessions and the Conferences. The President sets the strategic direction of the organization and is the official spokesperson of the organization and the general administrator/steward of the association.

Randy Aitken
Vice President

The Vice-President is a signing authority of the organization and, in the absence of the President, is responsible for presiding over Board Meetings, General Meetings or the Conference.

Paul Akey
Wealth One Bank of Canada

The Treasurer is responsible for the care and custody of the CSRSA funds, making all payments for operating expenditures within their mandate and gaining approval for any unusual items. The Treasurer is also responsible for delivering audited financial statements to the Board and the Membership on an annual basis.

Dave Hunt
TD Canada Trust

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that Board Meetings and decisions made therein are properly and completely documented and may also provide guidance to the Board, in consultation with other Directors, on legal, privacy, compliance and governance matters, seeking professional services as required to provide good counsel on such matters as directed by the Board.

Ralph Aulicino
Membership Manager

The Membership Manager is responsible for the overall care of the membership database management, and membership related questions.

Jennifer Pyz
Communications Manager

The Communications Manager is responsible for electronic communication with the membership, and those non-members who opted in to receive emails, to support General Sessions / Seminars / Workshops / Conferences attendance.

Richard Yap
Web Manager
SCORE Statistical Consulting

The Website Manager is responsible for maintaining the website content, troubleshooting any issues relating to the website and seeking solutions together with the website developer vendors. The Website Manager is also responsible for documentation of any significant design changes to the website and testing the design changes.

Sandra Young
Sponsor Manager
S. Young Consulting Inc.

The Sponsor Manager is responsible for the overall management of and communication with the CSRSA Sponsors. This includes membership renewal invoicing, assisting with employee membership updates, obtaining sponsor focus descriptions and logos for the website/conference, and coordinating conference sponsorship pledges and SWAG.

Dina Duhon
Conference Committee Co-Chair
Bank of Montreal

Carl Lamoureux
Conference Committee Co-Chair
First West

The Conference Committee Chairs, with a team of committee members, is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, development and execution of the conference agenda each year. They liaise with the meeting planner, develop conference budget and timeline schedule and reviews/signs all contracts on behalf of the CSRSA. The Conference Manager directs the activities of the conference committee and ensures all timelines and deliverables are met.

Roger Mitchell
Professional Development Chair

The Professional Development Manager is responsible for development and delivery of the content for the General Sessions / Seminars / Workshops each year.

Chris Ralph
Professional Development Manager

Cynthia Wang
Web / Social Media Manager
Royal Bank of Canada

Matt Fabian

Rebecca Oakes


The machine learning session presented by Capital One was impressive with a detailed case study on in-sourcing digital marketing.

~ Conference Attendee

The CSRSA conference is an opportunity to hear about what other companies are working on, challenges facing the industry, and provides ample time to network with peers.

~ Conference Attendee

I enjoyed the conference and found the material to be very engaging and informative, especially for someone new to the industry. My favourite sessions were the Economic Update, the impact on recent real estate policy changes, and using advanced analytics to generate alternative deal structures in auto lending.

~ Conference Attendee

The Conference is very well organized with a good mix of industry knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. The Economics Update session presented by Craig Alexander from Conference Board of Canada was amazing and it's probably the best Economics Update I've ever heard.

~ Conference Attendee

The CSRSA conference is one of the most relevant training opportunities for members of our team. The annual conference that is held in Southern Ontario attracts people from around the globe for 2 days of breakout and general sessions presented by industry members and sponsors of the organization.

~ Conference Attendee

Very well organized conference with a good mix of fun activities and an informative line up of speakers. There were ample opportunities to network, and I got good insights on trends in the industry.

~ Conference Attendee

The conference impressed me with its friendly digital capability to have all the session schedules, session brief introductions and speakers bios in one place through the mobile app.

~ Conference Attendee

The collaborative nature of the CSRSA makes this event one of the open and honest forums around as its members are committed to the advancement of the industry through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

~ Conference Attendee

An inspiring session I found was Understanding Dynamics in the Payment Hierarchy, talking about which debt obligation would be paid by consumers first when they faced financial difficulties.

~ Conference Attendee