Artificial Intelligence and Application to Credit Scoring

Topic title:  Artificial Intelligence and Application to Credit Scoring

Speaker:  Vishal Gossain, VP Global Risk Management at Scotiabank 

Vishal will share with the CSRSA community Scotiabank’s experience of how the bank could maximize the risk adjusted margins within Scotiabank's risk appetite, using AI. The Retail Modeling and Analytics team at the bank used new predictive models in their approach. They experimented with various machine learning techniques for predictive modeling with the aim to better discriminate risk for one of Scotiabank's retail lending portfolios. The criteria used were a combination of improved predictive power, stability and interpretability. The bank chose an ensemble method and modified it significantly to retain interpretability with minimal loss of predictive power (patent pending). The bank augmented its sources of data to include some new data sources, and utilized the ensemble method in conjunction with the data, to achieve up to a 70% increase in predictive power in certain cases. Furthermore, the bank has been scaling this framework to other retail lending portfolios. The bank has also implemented other machine learning models across the life-cycle (adjudication, account management, collections and recoveries) with significant revenue benefits. This presentation will provide a high-level overview of the modeling approach and the results.

Vishal Gossain is currently the Vice President of Global Risk Management  at Scotiabank, responsible for all global regulatory and non-regulatory retail models, and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for retail products. Vishal has held previous senior retail modeling, risk management, business strategy, P&L management and finance positions in Latin America and North America. Some of them include Head of Credit Risk for HSBC in Latin America, Head of Credit Risk for Capital One Canada and several other risk/business management positions in HSBC USA and consulting firms.

Vishal currently sits on the board of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and University of Western Post-graduate program, and holds an undergraduate degree in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and has completed his post-graduation in engineering from University of Texas at Austin.

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