CSRSA Live Webinar: Consumer Credit Risk Modeling During the Pandemic (Experian)

Title: Consumer Credit Risk Modeling During the Pandemic

February 18th, 2021.  1:00 pm EST


The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruptions for consumers and lenders, including increased unemployment in certain sectors, changes in consumer spending patterns, and the most uneven economic recovery in recorded history.  Experian’s North American market lead for analytics will offer some data-driven insights into the changes in consumer payment patterns and how they affect the performance of credit attributes and scores. These insights suggest some best practices in credit risk scoring and decision strategy management.

Speaker: Jim Bander, PhD.

Jim Bander, PhD, is the AI, Analytics and Optimization Market Lead for Experian Decision Analytics – North America. Jim joined Experian in April 2018 and is responsible for solutions and value propositions applying analytics for financial institutions and other Experian business-to-business clients throughout North America.

Dr. Bander has over 20 years of analytics, software, engineering and risk management experience across a variety of industries and disciplines. He has applied decision science to industries including banking, transportation and the public sector. He is a consultant and frequent speaker on topics ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to debt management and recession readiness.