CSRSA Live Webinar: Economic Update with Moody's Analytics

Title: Economic Update with Moody's Analytics - The Recession-to-Recovery Rollercoaster

April 29, 2021.  1:00 pm EST


With multiple waves of outbreaks, the re-openings, the returns to lockdown, the vaccines and the virus’ mutations, the past year has been defined by a dizzying series of ups and downs. Accelerating vaccine distribution and robust stimulus measures have significantly brightened the outlook for many countries, but the improvement remains far from universal.

Canada’s poor vaccine rollout is threatening to derail its recovery as the number of new COVID-19 cases has started surging higher again. A delay in the economy’s return to normal entails significant implications for spending, hiring and, in turn, businesses’ and consumers’ financial solvency. Please join the CSRSA and Moody’s Analytics for an insightful discussion of the global economic outlook and the downside risks facing the Canadian economy.  

Speakers: Cris deRitis and Brendan LaCerda

Cristian deRitis is the Deputy Chief Economist at Moody’s Analytics where he specializes in the analysis of current and future economic conditions, consumer credit markets and housing. He publishes his analysis regularly and is often quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal for his views on the economy. Before joining Moody’s Analytics, Cris worked for Fannie Mae where he developed default, prepayment and loss models for mortgage portfolios. He holds a PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University and is a Certified Business Economist.  In addition to his published research, Cris is named on two U.S. patents for credit modeling techniques. 

Brendan LaCerda is an associate director and senior economist with Moody’s Analytics. Brendan serves as the lead analyst for the Canadian economic forecast. His primary responsibilities also include the development and improvement of country forecast models. His research is primarily focused on international macroeconomics, healthcare and fiscal policy. Before joining Moody’s Analytics, Brendan worked as a senior economist with IHS Global Insight’s U.S. Macroeconomic Service. Brendan received his PhD in economics from the University of Virginia. He pursued his undergraduate education at the London School of Economics and the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with a BA in economics and mathematics.

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