CSRSA Live Webinar - Consumer Deferrals

Title: Consumer Deferrals

Date: October 29, 2020 - 1pm-2pm Eastern Time


One of the most pressing issues in credit risk strategies these days is the presence of deferral programs across multiple lending products. Following from our last discussion with lenders, deferrals are the central retail credit risk management issue at the moment. Transunion and Equifax will be joining together to share their insights from their latest analyses on consumer deferrals. We will be joined by key leaders from both organizations for this discussion.

-Beccy Oakes, AVP of Advanced Analytics at Equifax
-Glenn Waine, Sr Director and Head of Data Science, Consulting, and Data Strategy

Together, they will discuss a range of topics:
1) Reporting deferrals - process, objectives, and challenges of setting up the new reporting infrastructure
2) Consumer utilization of deferrals - product coverage, consumer profiles, trends, and consumer behaviours
3) What happens next - credit file impacts, pockets of concern, alternative modelling techniques

Some of these topics follow directly from our lender panel discussion and directly addressed audience questions as well. With the bureaus unmatched ability to see a comprehensive coverage of these issues, you are sure to find new insights and information in this session, so join us for what will surely be an insightful review of the current situation.

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