CSRSA Live Webinar: Emerging Consumer Credit Risk Trends & New FICO® Score 10

Title: Emerging Consumer Credit Risk Trends & New FICO® Score 10
June 24, 2021.  1:00 pm EST

Emerging consumer credit risk trends and insights from pre-pandemic times through the Covid-19 period

The COVID-19 Pandemic and ensuing financial strain on millions of customers continues to be a top-of-mind concern for risk managers. To understand the current lending landscape and to help navigate the uncertainty around these turbulent times, we’ll share insights into how FICO® Score dynamics have been changing over the past several years both before and during the pandemic. Learn more about FICO® Score and credit information trends across industries and recent changes in key credit metrics.

Speaker: Erik Franco, Senior Scientist, FICO

Erik Franco joined FICO in 2010 and has developed and delivered credit risk models for leading financial institutions. Erik is currently a Senior Scientist in Analytics and Scores Development, building and supporting FICO® Scores in North America. Most recently, Erik’s role has involved playing an integral part in the research, design, development, and deployment of the FICO® Score 10 Suite in the United States, as well as the UltraFICO™ Score. Erik holds a B.A. in Statistics and a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.

FICO® Score 10 Under Development

FICO is very pleased to announce a new score version, FICO® Score 10, which is currently under development for the Canadian market, targeting the end of 2021 for release. This new model development leverages recent, pre-pandemic data, analytic innovations, and insights we have refined over the last decade to offer the most predictive FICO® Score yet for the Canadian market.

Speaker: Jerry St. Vil, Director – Client Services, FICO
Jerry is a FICO® Score subject matter expert responsible for cultivating, managing, and supporting FICO’s relationships with its clients in the US and Canada in support of protecting and growing the FICO® Score franchise within each of those markets. Prior to joining FICO in 2014, Jerry was a Sr. Director at Citi for 16 years within Citi's Global Consumer Bank where he held various roles in credit risk and analytic functions. Prior to FICO, Jerry was also a Principal at Opera Solutions, a big data analytics company, where he performed business development and led client engagements within the Consumer Finance & Risk practice. Jerry has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Manhattan College and a MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan.
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