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>About D+H

D+H is a leading provider of innovative and secure technology solutions for the financial services market. For over 135 years we have established a reputation as a trusted industry partner, by helping our clients build deeper and more profitable relationships with their customers. Our rich market insights and consumer knowledge have made D+H a leader in banking technology and payments solutions. Today, D+H products and services are used by over 6,200 financial service providers across North America.

Through our Collateral Management Solutions business, D+H provides technology and services to manage loan searches, registrations, discharges and amendments, with automated links to all registries in Canada. We drive efficiency and minimize risk for:

Moveable Property Recovery

Insolvency Management

Unsecured Collections Management, and

Real Property Recovery

Registry Services

Our comprehensive software platforms streamline and simplify the challenging environment of government registries, providing lenders with a fully automated solution for personal property search and lien registration, 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) compliance searches, and secure security document management. We are also the only provider with permanent electronic links to all provincial and federal government registries to facilitate PPSA, corporate, land, and Bank Act security transactions for our clients.

We offer a web-based service for anytime, anywhere access, with the option of integrating our registry services solutions into customers’ core banking systems.

Recovery Services

D+H offers a complete suite of integrated process and technology solutions for every recovery process. Each solution is paired with an inventory and vendor management platform to help your recovery team efficiently manage the process every step of the way.

All D+H recovery solutions are seamlessly combined to offer visibility across all recovery and collection functions. This allows creditors to manage both internal processes and external suppliers, while simultaneously reducing operating costs, increasing recovery rates, satisfying compliance requirements, reducing risks, and mitigating losses at all stages of the recovery life cycle.

To learn more about D+H’s Collateral Management Solutions, visit dhltd.com