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Experian® is the world’s leading global information services company. During life’s big moments, we empower consumers and our clients to manage their data with confidence. We help businesses to make smarter decisions and thrive, lenders to lend more responsibly, and organizations to prevent identity fraud and crime. http://www.experian.com/corporate/experian-decision-analytics.html

Experian's Decision Analytics latest offerings include:

Experian Advisory Services

Our business consultants provide clients with exceptional strategic insights, detailed enhancement opportunities and deployment strategies. As former business leaders, our advisors have years of real-world experience working in the markets and industries we serve. This practical experience combined with industry forethought, global best practices, deep problem solving acumen and a common consulting engagement methodology gives us the ability to meet or exceed client expectations. Services include: Business reviews, strategy reviews and design, model risk governance, customer experience assessments, educational services and fraud operational reviews.


Fraudsters have what it takes to be nimble and can easily spot weaknesses in your system. You know what it will take to straighten your defenses, but process and costs get in the way. Experian created CrossCore, the first smart plug-and-play platform for the fraud and identity industry, for this reason. CrossCore is designed with a common, flexible API to relieve the IT burden of connecting new or existing tools – your, ours and even third party solutions. We manage the necessary system complexity behind the scenes bringing integration costs down and operational efficiency up.


Move forward into dynamic decisioning with PowerCurve. A breakthrough in decision management, the PowerCurve platform helps businesses make the right decisions and adopt the most effective decision management strategies across the Customer Life Cycle. Successful decision management requires evolving strategies for dynamic business environments. And PowerCurve provides new levels of flexibility, insight, control and agility. Solution offerings: originations, customer management, strategy management and collections.

Custom Modeling and Custom Analytical Services

Custom models help you achieve your goals by more effectively identifying and ranking your population, whether you want to acquire new customers, manage current customers or prioritize collections. By combining our robust data, industry-leading bureau–leveled attributes, advanced modeling methodologies and analytical expertise, we develop custom models that will last. Implementing a custom model into your strategies will maximize your return on investment and help you make more profitable business decisions — now and in the future.

We also offer a wide range of custom analytical services, including: scoring validations, attribute analysis, decline analysis, segmentation analysis and custom business intelligence.

Machine learning analyzes hundreds of thousands of behavioral data relationships to recognize patterns and discern the most predictive ones. The new patterns arising from the use of machine learning reveal information that can increase the predictive accuracy of both attributes and credit scores.This allows for a more accurate risk assessment of consumers- particularly those with thin or dormant credit histories.It can also be used to identify key insights when analyzing large amounts of data, so you can make better decisions and design more effective strategies.Machine learning was used to develop Experian’s multi-dimensional Trended 3D™ attributes and is also available as an option when developing custom models.