PayNet, Inc.

Sponsor Since: December 2012
2425 Matheson Blvd. East, 8th Floor
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L4W 5K4

PayNet helps commercial lenders make better decisions. We provide relevant, on-demand, and secure private company credit assessments. Our proprietary information and insights improve profitability, increase access to capital for Main Street, and help build a stronger global economy.

The company's proprietary database -- updated weekly -- is a growing collection of commercial loans and leases, encompassing over 1 million contracts worth over 92 billion dollars. Using state-of-the-art analytics, PayNet converts raw data into real-time market intelligence and predictive information that subscribing lenders use to manage risk, lower operating costs, originate more loans and improve their business strategy. PayNet’s capabilities range from historic credit-reporting and automated credit-scoring to default forecasting.

The PayNet Credit History Report (CHR) helps facilitate a thorough review of a borrower’s credit quality during the application and loan review processes. The CHR puts the comprehensive PayNet database to work for member lenders to provide unprecedented detail for each business borrower and affords a lender the opportunity to see how that borrower has handled similar transactions.

PayNet MasterScore® uses powerful term-loan information to develop a predictive score that allows lenders to optimize profitability by increasing bookings, reducing losses and improving efficiency. PayNet MasterScore allows lenders to automate and improve their credit decisions while providing predictive abilities that are superior to trade credit data.

PayNet AbsolutePD® is an innovative risk management solution that can help lenders better retain and attract valuable clients as well as understand future risk trends by forecasting the future risk of small business borrowers by region, industry, account, and portfolio levels. AbsolutePD utilizes PayNet’s vast loan performance data to create a borrower-specific default forecast for the next four quarters which is then recalibrated every quarter based on the latest macroeconomic statistics.