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About Brookfield RPS: Brookfield RPS, a division of Brookfield Asset Management, is a leading Canadian Appraisal Management Company (AMC) and national real estate information provider.

Full Suite of Valuation Services: As a trusted, long standing supplier to major Canadian lenders and financial institutions for 20 years, we have developed industry-leading technology and intellectual property to deliver high quality appraisal services and fully customizable tools. Our ability to provide a suite of valuation services from Full Appraisals to Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) including scoring tools, allows our clients to effectively mitigate their risk, deliver superior customer service and manage their total costs for mortgage appraisal services.

Data & Analytics Offerings: Brookfield RPS maintains a database of millions of unique residential properties across Canada. It is updated with hundreds of thousands of records on an annual basis. This data becomes powerful market intelligence when combined with our proprietary analytics software and unique algorithms. Products include:

  • The Brookfield RPS Automated Value Assurance (AVA) solution validates the accuracy of the appraisal report and value by running more than 120 complex pieces of analyses on more than 500 fields in the appraisal report. Values that do not appear to be reasonable or well supported are flagged so that an in-depth review can be conducted. Where inconsistencies or anomalies are not found, the report will have a high score and provides assurance to the financial institution.
  • The Brookfield RPS House Price Index (HPI) is an analytical dataset that provides property value trends across Canada – from coast to coast and down to low-level neighbourhoods. Developed to address a constantly shifting housing market and regulatory requirements (covered bonds, B20, etc.), it offers broad, deep and detailed data (over 2,500 different geographies, 5 property styles and added data to support analyses).
  • The Brookfield RPS AVM is a statistically accurate and cost-effective automated home valuation tool that covers the entire country from coast to coast.
  • Portfolio Valuation Services is a service that Brookfield RPS offers in which we leverage our HPI, and proprietary AVM to deliver the best in coverage and detail. Additional confidence scoring and property trending information is also included to provide our clients with additional tools to help them manage their portfolio.
  • The Brookfield RPS – Moody’s Analytics House Price Forecasts simulate the path of Canadian house prices under a range of economic conditions and scenarios, enabling clients to more accurately stress-test the impact of shocks under differing assumptions on their portfolios. The forecasts combine our leading Brookfield RPS HPI with Moody's Analytics industry-leading regional economic forecasting capabilities.
  • Custom Reports leverages our national real estate database to assist clients in addressing particular areas of risk and conducting validations of existing information on the collateral.