SCORE Statistical Consulting

Sponsor Since: June 1994
4141 Yonge Street, Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M2P 2A8

Since 1997, SCORE has offered trusted models, predictive analytics and expert insights with proven results. SCORE helps clients optimize accounts receivable management returns through the optimization of scoring, analytic and consulting solutions.

Headquartered in Toronto, our team is dedicated to offering clarity and providing solutions for our clients in banking, insurance, telephony, and public/government institutions in accounts receivable management. We partner with industry leaders to provide unique models and unparalleled results.


In partnership with the credit bureaus in Canada, SCORE provides models that assist companies to reduce their exposure throughout the collections life cycle. Models are designed to predict performance of accounts that are anywhere in the delinquency cycle: from one-day delinquency through to charge-off, and even through to dormant debt sales. By choosing to collect on accounts most likely to cure, companies can decrease operating costs, increase recoveries, improve the customer retention, and subsequently, increase profitability.

To complement scoring solutions, SCORE also provides consulting services to companies wanting to improve the performance of their delinquent portfolios. From finding the most efficient tool for managing roll rates in account management, to embedding predictive models in risk-based pricing strategies for collections, SCORE offers insightful advice based on our decades of industry experience working with dozens of lenders.


SCORE has joined forces with TalkingTech, a leader in revolutionising the payments and collections industry for 30 years, delivering flexible, self-service digital payments and communications to financial services, government, telecoms and utilities organisations across the world.


SCORE was the first in the industry to handle the sales of distressed consumer debt for Canada’s Schedule 1 banks. We’re also the broker-of-choice for some of the largest transactions in Canada, crafting frameworks and deal structures that satisfy the client’s objectives, finding and assessing suitable partners, and protecting the lender from reputation risks. SCORE has successfully sold more than 10 billion dollars in distressed debt, which provides benefits such as generating immediate income from non-revenue producing assets, reducing operational costs, and improving overall liquidations.


SCORE acts as a collections outsourcing partner for financial institutions, with over 1 billion dollars in receivables under management. SCORE acts as your outsourcing partner to help, improve and manage your receivables. We manage the entire gamut of activity in your accounts receivable management from charge-off portfolios to handling your entire back-end processes.


In conjunction with CGI, SCORE provides analytical solutions for some of Canada’s largest insurance carriers in property and casualty, including scoring solutions in both the automobile and habitational segments. Scores currently offered through CGI include propensity and severity models forecasting the likelihood of claims in the habitational segment (HitsPlus), as well as the accuracy of insurance application disclosure for auto (MVR Predictor).