The Nationwide Group

Sponsor Since: April 2011
80 Micro Court, 3rd floor
Markham, Ontario
Canada, L3R 9Z5

The Nationwide Group (TNG) is an international company that is a pioneer in designing and developing outsourced financial services software.

TNG focuses exclusively on building and providing comprehensive and customizable solutions to the real estate and mortgage industries. TNG helps financial institutions and the broader lending community manage and mitigate their exposure to inherent business and financial risks.

Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS):

NAS is a global Appraisal Management Company.  NAS Canada provides more valuations than all its competitors combined and NAS International operates in 21 countries across Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and South America, offering services in three languages. NAS continues to be the leader of innovation and new product offerings to the mortgage industry.

Nationwide Home Closing Services (HCS):

HCS modernizes the real estate closing process using a digital platform that connects lenders, brokers, borrowers and lawyers, seamlessly guiding parties through the transaction.  In addition to its platform, HCS deploys mobile signers which enable consumers to complete transactions at the time and location of their choosing.  The result is a fully digital, transparent and convenient closing experience that aligns with the needs of today’s consumers.

Nationwide Recovery Services (NRS):

NRS is a default management platform that digitizes the recovery process and brings efficiency, control and transparency to both internal and external collections efforts in Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America. Using automated workflow management, NRS allows lenders to monitor and benchmark the productivity of internal staff and the third-parties involved in the collections process, and easily collaborate with staff and suppliers, expediting the recovery process.