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As one of the original innovators in lending, credit, fraud, and spend analytics, Verisk Financial integrates one of the industry’s largest sets of data to help banks, financial regulators, retailers, and media companies grow their businesses. We combine data with predictive analytics to uncover new consumer and business insights and integrate this data with the most technologically advanced platforms.

Argus, a part of the Verisk Financial family, is a leading provider of intelligence, decision support solutions, and advisory services to financial institutions across the global commerce ecosystem. Our clients include more than 50 top U.S., Canadian, and other international financial organizations, regulators, payment providers, merchants, and media. We are a leading source of segment-level portfolio management is benchmarking data, analytics, models, and advisory services. We maximize value delivery to clients by combining proprietary data sets, cutting-edge software and analytic tools, domain expertise, and our unique results-oriented approach.

Customers worldwide use Argus’s services for tailored data management solutions that include business intelligence platforms, profile views, mobile data solutions, enterprise database services, and fraud risk scoring algorithms for marketing, fraud, and risk mitigation. Our clients gain a competitive advantage from our exclusive focus on leveraging global best-in-class analytics and methodologies to help achieve their business and regulatory objectives.

  • Our syndicated benchmarking studies, focused on consumer and small business credit and deposit products, provide robust account and transaction-level views into industry performance and trends used by business heads and boards, analytics leaders, and risk officers of banks and financial institutions worldwide.
  • Our advisory services leverage transaction, behavioral, and bureau data to assist clients in making better business decisions which drive improved bottom-line performance, enhanced customer solutions, and more efficient processes.
  • Our product solutions are comprised of end-to-end campaign management and database marketing solutions inclusive of data hosting, model/score development, list selection (targeting), on-going campaign tracking, and model governance.

Clients, We Serve

Argus’s primary focus is supporting financial institutions (full-service banks, monolines, credit unions, alternative lenders, etc.) with additional partnerships and services to other entities as required when in support/on behalf of those financial institutions (e.g., payments processors, credit bureaus, retailers, etc.).

At the heart of our value proposition are our core competency and deep experience leveraging billions of records (transactions, accounts, and customers) of financial institutions for analytics and reporting. Using the experience and knowledge gained from managing large volumes of data and extracting business value from that data, Argus has developed best-in-class practices for how to engage with, manage, and derive value from complex data flows within lending and payments for the financial services industry.

Argus clients gain significant insight and access to unparalleled industry expertise, inclusive of (but not limited to) the following:

  • Deep Domain Expertise: Argus leverages its highly qualified, accomplished technical & business professionals who are experts in both business strategy and banking data warehousing covering credit cards, mortgages, HELOCS, CRE, C&I, auto loans, student loans, deposits, personal loans, and core banking products. Our experts typically work across functions at a financial institution to provide a broad range of analytic and strategic support, inclusive of turnkey access and enablement of enterprise-wide data warehousing and modeling solutions.
  • Unique Data Assets: Each month, we receive information from 1.2+ billion loans accounts – across a variety of consumer loan types including credit cards, debit cards, deposits, small business/commercial loans, student loans, savings accounts, and personal loans across our core markets; and 4+ billion individual customer transactions including peak daily transactions of 2+ billion transactions.
  • One-of-a-Kind Diverse Offerings: we are one of the only global companies that offer unified product solutions with data management, modeling, and reporting services for a wide range of products, in retail and investment banking.
  • Steady Stream of First-to-Market Innovation: for our capabilities in multi-tier data capture, large scale data integration, visualization of data and analytics, predictive analytics.